Dr. D'Lynn Waldron, FRGS, work in the media 1952 to ©2017:
Below is a summary of work in the meda with links to awards and examples of work.
Pioneering R&D in the computer technology for the media CLICK HERE
Comprehensive lessons in Symphony Orchestra production for the media CLICKHERE
Coverage of the music events in the Santa Monica-Malibu School District
Biographical information including work in the Cold War CLICKHERE
1) Visionary, award-winning developer since 1984 of the digital technology used in Movies, Games, TV, Photography, Publishing, Art, Recording, 3D, in collaboration with Pixar,and many others. A pioneer in using 24/96 super fidelity recording for symphony orchestras.
"There are two Mac visionaries, Steve Jobs and D'Lynn Waldron," Mac evangelist Guy Kowasaki on the stage of MacWorld.

2)  Elected a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society
for photo-ethnographic studies in the media.
Elected a Fellow of the New York Explorers Club the first year they admitted women.
A second edition of my book on The Traditional Irish Way of Lifewill soon be finished.

3) Keynote Speaker and MC at McDonnell-Douglas' 50 Anniversary Celebration broadcast for the DC3.

California Association of Symphony Orchestras Most Valuable Player Award for promoting Classical Music using all the media.
Los Angeles County Museum of Art's official Photo-Digital Imaging Artist (and Videographer) for weekly concerts broadcast from the Bing Theater

Video, Audio, Photography, Direction, and Post-Production of CDs & DVDs, and broadcasts. of symphony concerts (including British-themed) through 2016.


The Santa Monica venues for classical music in which D'Lynn Waldron works


        "You've been such a blessing to work with!" 
From Tavis Smiley, PBS Network, after, at his request, I did the direction and created the audio, video, advertising art and photography of his appearance narrating the Lincoln Portrait with the Santa Monica Symphony for his broadcast.

        "It's the best example of my playing I've ever seen and heard!"
 From David Shostac soloist with the Symphony Orchestras.

        "These photos are absolutely stunning, dramatic, and artistically done, as always."
 From Jeffery Huls, Choral Director, Santa Monica-Malibu School District.

5) Artwork for the 2012 BAFTA-nominated film Marley, commissioned by Jonathan Demme.
       "WOW!!! I AM VERY EXCITED!!!! THANK YOU, LYNN -- CAN'T WAIT!!! XOX JD" (Jonathan Demme)

6) Technical consulting and media content creation for a number of symphony orchestras and classical music organizations.

        "You bring such depth of knowledge on all this to usThank you for the ways in which you help us to do things; and equally for the ways in which you tell us to stop or to proceed with care." 
From Patricia Nettleship owner of La Señora Institute, thanking me, the Music Fellow for Concert Production creating content for the media.
Chaplin Retrospective: Summer of 2016 at La Señora Research Institute in the historic Santa Monica Canyon estate frequented by Chaplin with his friends.
The Unseen Chaplin: His Early Life in London and Friends in Hollywood
Marc Wanamaker, photo archivist and Chaplin expert.
Part 1 of 2016 Chaplin Retrospective, June 16, 2016

"This is indeed totally fabulous.  Wow."

     "Your talents are impressive, as is your dedication to quality."  
From Linda Gross, Executive Director, Santa Monica-Malibu Education Foundation, April 3, 2014, for my years of work for the Santa Monica-Malibu School District, in which I do production and postproduction on the photography, audio, video, and photo-digital art for the media.  

     "To know that we are, once again, friends and colleagues gives me great pleasure and happiness.  May this all continue for a very, very long time."
From Dr. Ivan Shulman, Maestro, of The Los Angeles Doctors Symphony Orchestra, April 2014 in Santa Monica, after I put LADSO back on the list of Symphony orchestras for which I create content for the media.

7) Most Valuable Player Award from the Association of California Symphony Orchestras:
     1) for pioneering the use of 24bit/96kHz 'superfidelity' recording.
     2) for using my video, audio, photography, artwork and articles in the media to popularize Symphonic music among all ages and segments of the community.
     With the use of my concert DVDs, CDs and photographs, the Santa Monica Symphony was awarded five successive grants, through 2011, by the National Endowment for the Arts, an honor shared with only the LA Phil among symphony orchestras in Los Angeles County.

8) Work with British Government entities promoting tourism and exports, and reporting on the Cold War. 
      A brief summary of the wide scope  of successful work I did in the years after I was brought back to the UK by the British Government to create content for the media to promote exports and tourism.

• My most important success was saving Farmhouse Cheeses by using the media to create an export market and also to create an interest in touring Farmhouse Chese country. 

• For tourism, I specialized in finding new destinations and activities, and extending the 'shoulders' of the existing tourist season.  I then developed promotions in the media, including for the Inland Waterways, spas, castles, stately homes, Royal events, and themed driving tours in rural England, such as King Arthur, coastal Britain, etc., and in my cheese country driving tour the 'search for the Dorset Blue Vinney' kept the memory alive and it is being made again.
• Arrangements were made by British government entities to facilitate the various aspects of my work and I had great fun riding around London on a brewery wagons pulled by a Shire horse who knew every pub and stopped for red lights. I also did media creation at Royal events and painted commissioned Royal portraits for the media.

• Because I had done media work of the art and architecture for J. Paul Getty's Malibu museum before it opened to the public, I was asked to cover Leeds Castle in Kent, the historic London pubs, etc.
• I covered events of the Queen's Jubilee and was credentialed for the wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

• In other years, I provided media coverage for Britain as an investigative foreign correspondent in the hottest spots in the Cold War.

The research I did and and locations I found in Britain are still a source used by the media,
I have decided to make a much larger selection my work in Britain available to the general public, on my web site.
9) Animation and Music for Advertising and Network Specials including CNN/Turner Special “Chasing Life” (my music agent: ASCAP)

10) Portrait paintings including Royal Family for print and television, commissioned by People Magazine, CBS/Paramount,  Daily Express, etc., etc., and currently being sold worldwide by my agent Corbis.

11) Developer of the software, hardware and film stocks for computer image creation and output to film, and the technology and media for writable CD and DVD discs with Kodak.  Working with Kodak, Fuji and Agfa to develop film stocks and the color look-up tables and drivers for the hardware with Lasergraphics and Polaroid.  Work with Pixar's Renderman and on explaining the the technology of 3D for movies. Speaker before learned societies on digital imaging for the movies.

12) R&D on computer hardware and software and writing and illustrating hundreds of technical artices and reviews in print publications related to my work developing the digital technology used in all the media, including film, print, the Internet and games.  My own digital art has appeared on many computer magazine covers.

"Mac Visionary". The official Mac evangelist, Guy Kowasaki, said on the stage at MacWorld, "There are two Mac visionaries, Steve Jobs and D'Lynn Waldron." This is because I had used the first pressure sensitive tablet (after telling Wacom how to make their driver work with the Mac) and the first Raster-Ops 24 bit board, to create the sensation-causing first realistic full color digital painting, which was exhibited at conventions and featured on computer magazine covers with my articles on the technology I used.

Top listed by Google because I am linked to by the BBC, Oxford, the Smithsonian, etc., etc. for my scholarly work, my media content and writing, my technology R&D, the my work an ethnographer of traditional ways of life, and as an investigative foreign correspondent.

13) Current Books: Writing on Cold War events from personal experience as an investigative foreign correspondent for the BBC, etc..  Currently in books being published by Oxford University Press, etc..

14)  My first book with my photos, paintings and text was published in Britain in 1962. 

15) BA Summa Cum Laude, MA All University Fellow, Washington University. Haynes Multi-Disciplinary Fellow PhD.  Two years' Post Doctoral Research, Oxford.

16) CGI production and publicity on major studio feature movies and series: Disney: Dinosaur, Paramount UPN Movie of the Week series, Warner: Battlefield Earth, Paramount: Star Trek Voyager

17) Work for FBI
that resulted in the capture of Most Wanted Whitey Bulger. Creating the prototype for an entirely new web design for finding fugitives
Analysis and preparation for the media of all the materials had by US law enforcement on Bulger and others, broadcast by History Channel, etc. and used in Depp's Bulger movie
Crime Scene forensics including the analysis of the photos of the Bruno Magli shoes which resulted in O.J. Simpson losing the civil suit.


18) Photos and interviews: composers for movies and symphony conductors.

19) Photographing the Getty Malibu Villa Museum for J. Paul Getty.

The Traditional Way of Life in Western Ireland. 2nd Edition.
The Maestro's Cat.

21) Updating lyrics and jokes in Musicarnival revivals with good friend Beverly Sills.
Done while a teen-ager in the 1950s.

22) Amusing final notes:
To my complete surprise,  I am a subject of the recent ballet 'Heroes' which toured Europe.  The story is set in the Congo in the Cold War and they costumed 'me' in cowboy boots like the principal ballerina in 'Rodeo'.

I carried the banner for Oxford in a procession with the Queen in Westminster Abbey, celebrating the Girl Guides. I still don't know why I was asked to do that.

I had nothing to do with this ballet about me that toured Europe a several of years ago..