D'Lynn Waldron has had experience over decades in live music performance production both in backstage management and in producing video, audio and photographs and in publicizing classical music organizations and performances in all media, including for network broadcast.
Tavis's Smiley had D'Lynn Waldron to do all the art, photography, audio and video he used on PBS/NPR/IPR and his web site, when he appeared with the Santa Monica Symphony.

Association of California Symphony Orchestras' MVP Award to D'Lynn Waldron
for using the her own work in the media to popularize classical music among all ages and segments of the community,
after which the Santa Monica Symphony received five successive grants from

The National Endowment for the Arts to bring artistic excellence to the community in free concerts

D'Lynn Waldron has worked over the past eight years in any or all of these capacities:
- Stage production for live performance, network broadcast and Web streaming-
- Creation of DVDs, CDs, Web sites and Web streaming media -
- Publicity in Print, on TV, Radio and the Web
- Still photography, videography, photo-digital art, and digitally painted portraits -
- Public Relations and Community Outreach -
- Coordinating the various aspects of live performance production -

for the following in recent years in the Los Angeles area:
The Santa Monica Symphony
Tavis Smiley concert appearance: Stage Production and creation of all Broadcast and Web materials*
CNN Special- all of Artwork, Animation and Music
Digitally painted portraits for Jonathan Demme's new movie on Bob Marley
California Arts Council photographs of the Governor
Los Angeles County Museum of Arts' Sundays Live concerts: Executive Committee and media production
The American Youth Symphony
Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce
The Occidental-Caltech Symphony
Stairway for the Stars
UCLA Philharmonia
Palisades Chamber Orchestra
La Senora Concerts
LA Chamber Players
Santa Monica Symphony Woodwind Quintet
Vista Winds and Vista Chamber Players

Nevada State Opera
Ocean Park Chamber Singers
Capitol Ensemble
Santa Monica Symphony String Quartet
Katya Popov, Martin Chalifour, Jessica Rivera
Danielle Belen, Gary Bovyer, Joseph Meyer
Elizabeth Pitcairn, Rina Dokshitsky, Yolanda Beriyeva,
Peter Sculthorpe, David Avshalomov
Plus many other soloists, choruses, orchestras and chamber groups
and composers of classical music and movie scores.
British Acadermy of Film and Television Arts - BAFTA

D'Lynn's digitally hand painted portraits and animations are featured in publications and on TV shows all over the world. A small selection of her recent work is below
The artwork, animation and music commissioned for the CNN Special 'Chasing Life'
Digitally hand painted portraits of famous New Yorkers for the NY Daily News.
Digitally hand painted portrait of Princess Diana commissioned by People Magazine.
Digitally hand painted Bob Marley family portraits commissioned by Jonathan Demme for his latest movie
Various work commissioned by the FBI for their search for Most Wantad Whitey Bulger
etc., etc.

D'Lynn has decades of proven success in publicity, promotion, and advertising including for the British Government, J. Paul Getty, major international corporations, and the entertainment industry, including symphony orchestras.

Dr. D'Lynn Waldron was made a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and of the Explorer's Club of NY
for her scholarly photo-ethnographic studies of traditional ways of life.
D'Lynn is a voting member of BAFTA, The British Academy of Film & Television Arts
and has written widely reprinted articles about movie composers, based on conversations that include their insights and advice.

NOTE: The Santa Monica Symphony has been awarded successive National Endowment for the Arts grants to bring its Artistic Excellence to the community.
(The Santa Monica Symphony and the LA Philharmonic are the only two symphony orchestras so honored in the Los Angeles Area.)
In 2009, The Santa Monica Symphony, was one of only 64 music organization in the entire United States to receive a second grant from the NEA, the $25,000 NEA economic stimulus grant to give employment to musicians.

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