Analyzing the photos of the Bruno Magli shoes in the O.J. Simpson civil case
Dr. D'Lynn Waldron, FRGS

By the mid-1990s I had done the essential R&D on the digital technology for imaging and was working on converting images from film to computers and from computers onto film.

A mutual friend contacted me and said that Dan Petrocelli, the lead lawyer in the civil suit against O.J. Simpson for the murder of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman, needed a more scientific analysis of the images of O.J. Simpson wearing Bruno Magli shoes, which has left prints in blood at the scene of the murder.

Simpson claimed he would never own such ugly shoes. The first photographs of him wearing Bruno Magli shoes appeared in Enquirer Magazine so the defense could credibly say the photos were faked.

An FBI man using traditional analysis had said these photos were not retouched, but his was an opinion, not scientific proof using the new forensic technology I that I used on the strip of film that came later.

I analyzed the photos at the grain level and showed using computer imaging that the photos were totally unretouched.

I told Petrocelli that I absolutely would not have any part in that media circus at our Santa Monica courthouse, but when he gave my report to the defense, they no long alleged the photos were faked.

The footprints in blood made by shoes it was now proved Simpson wore, after him testifying that he would never own such ugly shoes, was a significant factor in making the jury being confident in reaching the unanimous decision that Simpson was responsible for the murders.