D'Lynn Waldron and a Prince of Nepal, Prime Minister Nehru of India, President Eisenhower, and Red China fight for control of the Himalayas. All materials copyright by D'Lynn Waldron. PhD, FRGS

In the 1960's the United States sided with India and the rebel rajadoms in the remote mountain regions of Nepal, to prevent Red China from moving down through the Himalayas into India, using roads and airstrips the Red Chinese were building on Indian and Nepalese territory.

The secret Chinese road building on Nepalese territory was done with the collaboration of King Mahendra of Nepal, much against the wishes of his people who lived in the Himalayas. These Nepalese rebelled against the king and attacked the Red Chinese invaders, along with the Tibetan Khamps tribe, and aided by a small amount of covert help from the United States.

At the time, these news stories were very underplayed in the American press until the Red Chinese actually invaded India in force through the Eastern Himalayas.

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