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~~ Association of California Symphony Orchestras' MVP Award for popularizing Symphonic music using the latest digital technology in the new and traditional media ~~
~~ Los Angeles County Museum of Arts Sundays Live Concerts - Official Photo-Digital Imaging Artist for performances ~~
~~ Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District - Photography, Recording and Video of concerts in Barnum Hall~~
~~ Santa Monica Symphony with Maestro Gross - Video, Sound Editing, Photography, Production and Publicity- Civic Auditorium, etc., concerts~~

"You've been such a blessing to work with!" Tavis Smiley, PBS
(After doing the audio, video, photography, direction and post production, at Tavis Smiley's request, for his concert narration of Lincoln Portrait.)

(After receiving the first of a set of digitally painted portraits for Jonathan Demme's movie.)

On Jun 20, 2012, David Shostac wrote:
"This is fantastic!  It's the best example of my playing I've ever seen and heard!"

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D'Lynn Waldron has worked for many years in these capacities:
- Video, Audio, Production and Post-production for Network TV - PBS
- Animation and Music for Network TV - CNN/Turner
- Featured Graphic Art for Movies and Network TV- Jonathan Demme, CBS/Paramount, etc., etc.
- Los Angeles County Museum of Art - Photo-Digital Imaging Artist for concerts
- Portrait paintings for People Magazine, etc., syndicated all worldwide by Corbis.
- Stage production for live performance, network broadcast and Web streaming-
- Creation of DVDs, CDs, Web sites and Web streaming media -
- Publicity in Print, on TV, Radio and the Web
- Still photography, videography, photo-digital art, and digitally painted portraits -
- Public Relations and Community Outreach -
- Coordinating the various aspects of live performance production -
- Audio, photography, video with post-production, as WebMaster for the Santa Monica/Malibu School District. (www.SMMARTS.info) -
Work commissioned by the FBI led to the capture of their Most Wantad Whitey Bulger

for the following
Los Angeles County Museum of Arts' weekly concert broadcasts Executive Committee and media production
- Celebrity and Royal Portraits for People Magazine, etc., etc., and agented worldwide by Corbis -
The Santa Monica Symphony
The Los Angeles County Mueum of Art concerts
The Orchestra Santa Monica
The Doctors' Symphony
UCLA Philharmonia
The American Youth Symphony
The New West Symphony
The Occidental-Caltech Symphony
Colburn Youth Orchestra
The Santa Monica-Malibu School District Webmaster & content creator SMMARTS.info
Tavis Smiley concert appearance: Stage Production and creation of all Broadcast and Web materials*
CNN/Tuner Broadcasting Special "Chasing LIfe"- all of Artwork, Animation and Music
Digitally painted portraits commissioned by Jonathan Demme used in the nominated movie Marley
California Arts Council photographs of the Governor
Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce
Stairway for the Stars
Palisades Chamber Orchestra
La Senora Concerts
LA Chamber Players
Santa Monica Symphony Woodwind Quintet
Vista Winds and Vista Chamber Players

Nevada State Opera
Ocean Park Chamber Singers
Capitol Ensemble
Santa Monica Symphony String Quartet
Concertmasters: Katya Popov, Danielle Belen, Martin Chalifour

Plus many conductors, soloists, choruses, orchestras and chamber groups
and composers of classical music and movie scores.
Digitally hand painted portraits and animations are featured in publications and on TV shows all over the world through her agent Corbis
Work commissioned by the FBI led to the capture of their Most Wantad Whitey Bulger

Agents worldwide: Corbis & ASCAP
Membership: British Academy of Film & Television Arts

D'Lynn Waldron reference links: http://www. DLWaldron.com