Two tiny Maltese dogs discomoding a huge Irish Wolfhound. Greenwhich, England
photography by D'Lynn Waldron, PhD copyright 1976 and 1986
Having owned a 3 pound Maltese, (see below) I can say that they have absolutely no idea how small they are, as in this photo of two Malteses literally discomoding a huge Irish wolfhound.

Ever wonder why there are so many Maltese all over the world now, when they were virtually unknown in 1985?
Andy is the reason. Read his story below.

I took my father, who had Alzheimer's, to the dog show in Santa Monica in the spring of 1985.
He saw a Maltese and wanted that dog.

That show dog was not for sale, but the landlord gave me permission to get a dog for my father and I got Andy, then a 12 week old Maltese puppy weighing much less than a pound.

I sent a Polaroid of Andy to Sara Taylor, the mother of Elizabeth Taylor who had moved from her home on Denella Circle in Bel Air to Rancho Mirage. Sara showed the photo to her daughter Elizabeth and Elisabeth got a Maltese she named Sugar. Soon many movie stars were photographed carrying a Maltese and the rest is history.

Andy grew to almost 3 pounds and turned out to be very intelligent and very domineering.

When we got him home as a very tiny puppy he began running from the Sunday Times that was on the floor next to my father's chair to the bathroom. I put a section of the paper on the bathroom floor and he promptly peed on it. He was born paper trained.

The stories about the things Andy would do are legend.

As you can see from his photographs, he was amazingly beautiful, and he knew it.

After he was washed and combed, he would get up on the leather recliner to have his photograph taken with the Polaroid camera, not bothered by the flash.

He was never satisfied with one photograph and would take different poses, as you can see in these three photos. I could not pretend to be taking the additional photos because he would watch for the Polaroid picture to come out the slot.d.