D'Lynn Waldron began research and development on computer hardware and software for the arts, media and publishing in 1984 when she saw the first Mac and looking at MacWrite yelled, "You can publish with this!" Then she looked at MacPaint and said very quietly, "Give me three years and I'll make this the art medium of the future."

"Mac Visionary". The official Mac evangelist, Guy Kowasaki, said on the stage at MacWorld, "There are two Mac visionaries, Steve Jobs and D'Lynn Waldron." This is because she had used the first pressure sensitive tablet (after telling Wacom how to make their driver work with the Mac) and the first Raster-Ops 24 bit board, to create the sensation-causing first realistic full color digital painting, which was featured on computer magazine covers with her articles on the technology she used."

Her R&D covered a spectrum of digital technology and she wrote over one thousand technical articles and reviews in magazines. Most of this R&D was done on products she needed for her own work.

A small sample of D'Lynn's R&D in digital technology beginning in 1984.
- Directed the final ROM burns so the DoveFax worked with the Mac.
- Directed the rewrite of the Wacom tablet driver so it worked with the Mac.
- Wrote the first articles on digital printing.
- Worked on the original Epson 720 inkjet printer.
- Advised DyeNippon on the reformulation of its CMYK inks to produce the good blue preferred in the West, rather than the good green preferred in Eastern countries.
- Evaluated Kodak's Gas Diffusion Printer and changed the name to Dye Sublimation.
- Evaluated the Mitsubishi dye sublimation printer and pointed out 'fatal' engineering errors that Mitsubishi decided were too expensive to fix.
- Worked on the color table of the Fujix Pictrography printer (whose name she could not convince them to change.)
- Worked with Lasergraphics and all the companies making color film stocks, including Fuji and Kodak, to create optimal stocks for film recorders to use for images from computer.
- Worked on the earliest Leafscan film scanners.
- Worked to promote the super high fidelity 24/96 sound recording of symphony orchestras (for her work promoting classical music she got the Association of California Symphony Orchestra's Most Valuable Player Award in 2004).
- An early evangelist of FinalCut for film editing as a member of the British Film Academy BAFTA.
- An early technical writer on Pixar and 3D for the movies (see magazine below).(See Pixar card below).
- A photo-digital portrait artist for movies, TV, the Web and print media with work appearing all over the world through her agency and by commission, including of the British Royal Family.
- Now working on the use of the new digital SLRs with full HD video capability for making motion pictures