Samohi Bands Winter Concert 1-13-15 index page of provided materials

List of digital files of audio, video and photos on-line and created, put on-line and provided on discs by D'Lynn Waldron.

On-line Audio in highest quality MP3
- Recording trimmed to music recorded in 24/48 from Barnum's flown mics into D'Lynn Waldron's recorder.

On discs
- Playable CD of the entire concert without the talking so it is under the 90 minute CD limit).
- The uncompressed files on data disc:
Aiff including the talking with the auction, etc.
Aiff trimmed to the music.

On-line and on provided discs:
The Gallery ndex page thumbnails click to 1200k screen res and then click on the link on the upper right of the screen res page for the very large full res image to pull to your desktop.

Video of Viking Marching Band playing 'Russian Christmas Music", Kevin McKeown, conductor:
- Quarter HD size- this 98 meg file should stream into smartphones, etc.
- Half HD size- this 1.2 gig file will usually have to preload.

- Playable DVD of the Viking Marching Band in this concert.
- The uncompressed full HD video as a 10 gig, 13 minute file on BluRay for any use.

All audio, video and photography, production and post-production, by D'Lynn Waldron using advailable light. Photographs are light-balanced on the individual faces (a much as possible) in Photoshop.